Welcome to Bondi Golf & Diggers Club 

The Bondi Golf Club was founded in 1935.  The 9 hole course is regarded as one of the most breathtaking sceneries in the World! Open to the public all year round.

Bondi Golf & Diggers Club provides golfers with an opportunity to play affordable golf in the most picturesque of settings. The course offers a nice challenge to golfers who stray off line. Set amid the backdrop of the picturesque Bondi just five minutes from Bondi beach, the course provides golfers of all abilities with a truly enjoyable golfing experience in a wonderful setting.



The Course

Glancing from the 4th.  Tee, using the different angles, you will be afforded a most beautiful view of our rocky coastline and a magnificent sight of Rose Bay, the harbour and the city sky-scrapers.  Verily, the players can take in these views from almost any position on the links.


Looking out the window on the northern side of the clubhouse, you get an appreciation of the golf course.  Southern side gives you sweeping views of the coast, beach and Bondi to the city outline.  In the early evening, we are most fortunate in being advantaged in viewing the most glorious and unusual sunsets.


Each time we put on the links, we should realise that we are playing on hallowed earth.  It was once the ceremonial ground of the Kamilaroi Tribes of Aborigines.  Here, the youths were initiated into manhood, and were told the tribal secrets and learned the tribal lore.  You might not be aware that there is an inscription cut in the cliff edge, adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, to perpetuate  the memory of Australia's first professional golfer. James Scott.


We are quite sure Bondi Golf Club is well steeped in ancient history.